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Ok, there are big differences in opinion about this. Do you like hairy pussy or not? Did you ever tried and lick it or have sex with it? Well, all of those who like it I must say that hats off to you. I was born in the era of wet hairy pussies and if I compare to shaved or nicely trimmed ones, I will go for naked and totally smooth pussy any time and day of the year. So if you like hairy women and their vagina, then enjoy in our big picture gallery colleciton. We have many different ones, with hot MILF's that have hairy cunt, a little of BBW girls and many more. As I don't know what drives you to like them, I don't have much to say here anymore. But I do respect every fetish we all have and that's why we have this section. So enjoy and come back daily for more. We're adding fresh pics every day.

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